Health Insurance



You already know that health insurance is meant to pay part of your medical expenses, whether those costs are for routine check-ups or an unexpected illness or accident. But you may be surprised at the variety of health insurance policies available and how different kinds of coverage, including supplemental insurance and riders, can be combined to create a sturdy financial safety net designed just for you.

All Americans are now required to carry medical insurance.

The Affordable Care Act has made quality insurance plans available according to family income level.


Directly from Insurance Carrier

Paid by You or Your Employer

Covered California

Qualify Based on Income

Benefits4U2 represents carriers offering the full spectrum of health insurance products:

Health insurance pays your doctor or care provider directly.

Supplemental insurance and riders pay you cash to spend as you like.

Supplemental health insurance and riders provide you with cash to handle things your regular insurance wasn't designed to cover in the event of a specified illness or circumstance.

  • If you're unable to work because of hospitalization, you can use the money to pay your household bills.
  • If you have loved ones far away, you can pay for their travel and lodging to be near.
  • If you would like a new experimental therapy that your basic policy doesn't cover, supplemental insurance can put that therapy within your reach.

Those are only three examples of the hundreds of ways supplemental insurance can be used to help financially weather a tough health challenge.


How you use the money is up to you.


It doesn't matter what other insurance you might have -

supplemental insurance is independent.

Supplemental policies are available specifically for:

These tools of basic health insurance, supplemental insurance, and riders, selected through a wide range of carriers, are how Benefits4U2 creates custom insurance coverage tailored to every season of life.

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