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  • Welcome to my insurance family!
  • Personalized service and house calls for your best insurance solutions.
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As life's seasons change, so do your needs for health insurance, annuities, and life insurance. With Benefits4u2 Insurance Services, LLC, I specialize in tailored service for all seasons of life. As a broker, I continually review a large range of products from many carriers. As an agent, I stay close to customers, meeting them where they are to hear their needs and explore the best strategies for them.


I am known for spending extra time with clients, who really do become like family to me. I love my job. I make positive changes in peoples' lives as they get the most efficient solutions for their unique situations. The insurance companies pay me by commission. For the client, my service is free.

Mobility to get together with you at any meeting place you choose

Understanding insurance strategies to fit every season of life, from growing families to fun-loving retirees

Submitting applications and managing other interactions with a large variety of insurance carriers with individual and group coverage

A personal approach with preemptive strategies, monitoring scheduled policy, legal, and other changes that may affect you

Careful listening and staying in contact


Learning | Building | Nurturing | Retirement


Every season needs adjusted strategies to protect the present and prepare for the future.




Benefits4u2 was created for one-on-one personalized, caring service in selecting and applying health and life insurance. Today, Benefits4u2 liaisons with a wide range of carriers with comprehensive coverage on life and health insurance, education savings, travel insurance, annuities, mortgage, retirement, final expenses, dental, Medicare, supplemental health, and small business group insurance plans.


Medicare for seniors and disabled became a specialty early on. Janice is a Certified Insurance Agent for Covered California, and an agent for many leading insurance companies for pre-65 health insurance.


Because insurance is about taking care of the present to help secure the future, Benefits4U2 grew to also include a broad array of life insurance and annuities products. Benefits4U2 offers ways to protect clients in all aspects and all seasons of their lives.


From the Founder:


Insurance plans differ from carrier to carrier. At Benefit4u2 Insurance Services, LLC, we take our time to understand those variations, and even more time getting to know our clients’ needs, one client at a time. We locate products available through many different insurance carriers and map-out the best path toward meeting each clients’ unique insurance and financial needs so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.


In fact, I am known for spending extra time with clients, who really do become like family to me.  As far as I am concerned, I have one of the best jobs in the world.


Welcome to my insurance family!

-- Janice L. Wood, Founder and President



Describing herself as a “very young” 70-ish, Janice Wood enjoyed a great first career working for her native City of Los Angeles.  Soon after she retired, she realized that her hobbies of volunteering and fundraising weren’t going to be enough for her organized, service-oriented, people-focused personality.  She began pursuing a second career in insurance, but put it temporarily on hold to take care of her aging mother.  After her mother passed away, Janice returned to insurance with a renewed vision: she would put her skills in health insurance to work to help people who needed it in a confusing market. Janice had already seen that trying to figure out the complicated Medicare system was a challenge for most of the very people it was designed to benefit. She knew her own knack for deciphering could be of huge service to them.


She decided that instead of working for one insurance carrier to pursue that mission, she would create a brokerage company to offer more options in carriers and products.


The result was her own dream job: it involved working with a diversity of people as a broker as well as an agent. It let her get to know and care for clients on a personal level. It presented the exciting challenge of staying abreast of dynamics that drive the nation’s leading-edge insurance companies, as well mentoring new agents.  Janice derives great satisfaction from her second career.


Janice is an agent for many top health and life insurance carriers. She is also a member of a variety of networking groups that link related resources such as medical professionals, attorneys, and tax preparers. She thinks of them as part of her team -- she always has someone she can refer for clients' needs, and also has a place where she can get her own questions answered.


She has many favorite pastimes. She enjoys live performance of any kind, from plays and musicals to classic rock concerts.  She loves to experience different cultures, travelling extensively in Europe and other parts of the world. She frequently visits family in Hawaii as well as the Midwest and Florida.



CA License #OF35236

The visionary behind Benefits 4U2. Janice has over 8 years of experience in the insurance and benefits world.



Get started on the path to your ultimate vision right now. Contact us for more information on how we can find what is perfect for you.


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